Gifts for Kids

For those crazy mini folk in your life, we have heaps of tigers, llamas, bunting, bears, moon & stars, clouds, pandas, dinosaurs, robots and more (phew!)
Starfish Felt Garland
Who's dreaming of a summer holiday? 7 felted orange Starfish, with white dotted detail and rustic string. The starfish can be individually moved along the string line to group together or spread out evenly to suit your taste.
Price £14.00
Stegosaurus dROARing Pad
An excellent drawing pad, sized at A5, with plain sheets and wire bound. Suitable for all dinosaur drawing little peeps.
Price £5.00
Stronger, Smarter, Braver Print
A lovely rainbow of inspirational words, printed and framed
Price £25.00
Tiger Pencil
Handmade assorted collection of wood carved & painted safari animal pencils. Only 3.50 each
Price £3.50
Trio of Happy Cactus Pencils
Such happy little chappies! All 3 pencils for £7, or can purchase separately.
Price £7.00
Watermelon Purse
A colourful Watermelon purse, made from leather with zip and keyring attachment. Perfect for a summer holiday spending money.
Price £7.00
Waterproof Notepad
A completely 100 per cent Waterproof Notepad, indestructible and tear proof with frosted back cover. Can use pen or pencil on the inner sheets. A great pad for those who like water sports, hiking, fishing, canoeing, or just being outside in the poor British weather!
Price £6.00
Yellow Flower Cactus Pencil
A happy little yellow flower detailed Cactus Pencil
Price £2.50