From bird decorations to Head Gardener mugs, Vegetable decorations, Carrot, Leek and Chilli pens, Busy Bees and Outdoor Adventure bunting, Felt Flower wreaths and Garden Journal notebooks, we can pretty your garden (or bring the outdoors inside!)
Goldfinch Bird with metal clip
Beautifully hand carved and painted Goldfinch with a metal clip underneath. Would look gorgeous attached to a plant!
Price £5.00
Green Orange Cactus Keyring
A happy little cactus keyring with orange flower detail
Price £3.00
Head Gardener Mug
Lovely designed Head Gardener's Mug and shaped like a pot plant.
Price £8.00
Honey Bee Felt Garland
6 felted bees buzzing around their honeypot, all linked together with rustic string. When hung it makes a 'V' shape with the honeypot in the middle. Absolutely gorgeous.
Price £14.00
I like Gardening Print
A palm adorned print with a thoughtful quote by Alice Sebold, perfect for any green-fingered friend or family member.
Price £25.00
Knitted Blue Flower Cactus, Small
A charming little Blue flower Cactus
Price £5.00
Knitted Magenta Flower Cactus, Small
A charming little magenta flowering Cactus with ribbon
Price £5.00
Knitted Yellow Flower Cactus, Small
A sweet little knitted yellow flower Cactus, would suit any window sill
Price £5.00