From bird decorations to Head Gardener mugs, Vegetable decorations, Carrot, Leek and Chilli pens, Busy Bees and Outdoor Adventure bunting, Felt Flower wreaths and Garden Journal notebooks, we can pretty your garden (or bring the outdoors inside!)
Blue Bird China Mug
A beautiful china mug to make you smile in the morning, and dream about flying away together..
Price £8.00
Blue Parrot Wooden Pen
Wooden hand painted blue parrot pen
Price £4.00
Blue Tit felted hanging decoration
A sweet little felted Blue tit, with string
Price £6.00
Blue-tit Bird with metal clip
Beautifully hand carved and painted Blue-tit with a metal clip underneath. Would look gorgeous attached to a plant!
Price £5.00
Brown Bird China Mug
Spread your wings and relax with this charming hand painted bird mug
Price £8.00
Carrot Pen
A hand-carved wooden Carrot Pen. Which you have always wanted. Also available are Leek Pens and Chilli Pens. (You can also buy as a pack of 3 Veggie Pens)
Price £5.00
Chilli Pen
A hand-carved wooden Chilli Pen. Red hot. Also available are Leek Pens and Carrot Pens. (You can also buy as a pack of 3 Veggie Pens)
Price £5.00
Daffodil & Leaves Felt Flower Wreath
A beautiful, handmade felt flower wreath, with 15cm diameter gold ring and rustic twine.
Price £30.00