Gifts for her

Whether you're buying a gift for a friend, sister, mum or daughter, we are positive you will love our collection of beautiful prints, pads and gifts.
Head Gardener Mug
Lovely designed Head Gardener's Mug and shaped like a pot plant.
Price £8.00
Heart Metal and Glass Tealight Holder
A pretty metal and glass Heart Tealight holder that casts a lovely glow.

SALE - previously £7.00 NOW £4.50
Price £4.50
Honey Bee Felt Garland
6 felted bees buzzing around their honeypot, all linked together with rustic string. When hung it makes a 'V' shape with the honeypot in the middle. Absolutely gorgeous.
Price £14.00
I like Gardening Print
A palm adorned print with a thoughtful quote by Alice Sebold, perfect for any green-fingered friend or family member.
Price £25.00
Ideas whilst Drunk Notebook
I think we've all been there.. and now we have designed a notebook just for those drunken moments! A5 size, ring bound and lined inner sheets.
Price £5.00
Jewellery Tree
Made from metal, this woodland animals Jewellery Tree would make a charming addition to your dressing table.

SALE - previously £10.00 NOW £5.00
Price £5.00
Leek Pen
A tasty looking wooden Leek Pen. Delicious.. Also available are Carrot Pens and Chilli Pens. (You can also buy as a pack of 3 Veggie Pens)
Price £5.00
Life is like a Camera Print
A thoughtful framed print with wise words. Has hanging hooks and stand fittings.
Price £25.00